THE TREES, continued….


The Ad-Hoc committee for the Magnolia Trees Project is continuing its efforts to implement the first of four Phases of the Master Plan to remove the remaining Magnolia trees and plant Japanese Blueberry trees. The Japanese Blueberry is an evergreen, is very impervious to disease and produces very little litter. The population of new trees represents a reduction of 35%. The goal of the Project is to follow the current design of the streetscape, but with fewer trees.


We are scheduled to perform a pre-work survey with the Contractor, on 10/13/17 to determine the optimum placement of the Japanese Blueberry trees. We expect to begin work this month, October 2017, and will determine a specific start-date with the Contractor. The Contractor will monitor the new trees for ground moisture and will ensure proper irrigation during the critical first two months. You will be advised to adjust your watering run-time, as necessary, based upon the findings of the Contractor.


Phase One of the Project will encompass Portland Rose, Province Rose, Cinderella, Peace Rose, Rosebud, Rose Petal (north to intersection of China Rose) and China Rose. Phase One is intended to be completed this fall. We will keep you posted on the status of work and schedule.


Tony Castro, Chairman

Ad-Hoc Committee for Magnolia Project