Area Amenities

Kern County Living!

Founded by Col. Thomas Baker and his family in 1863, Bakersfield has evolved from a small farming community to a city of over 330,000. And, while agriculture remains the historical base of the Kern County economy, the last 100 years have seen remarkable diversification to oil and gas (76% of California’s production), service industries, transportation services, financial, retail, higher education, medical, and military research and technology centers.

Year-Round Golfing

People who come to Kern County are amazed to find the access, playability, and affordable pricing of our local golf. Three outstanding county courses and seven other daily fee courses provide great venues, regardless of playing abilities. Five private courses and country clubs provide golf for members or by invitation.

Upscale Shopping

Because of the modest travel times from west to east Bakersfield, all major shopping centers are very accessible to all residents. One major mall is anchored by large retailers. Eight other large centers have unique designs and shopping opportunities, including the Northwest Promenade and the in-construction Riverwalk center. Within walking distance of The Greens is The Marketplace with restaurants, boutiques, Vons grocery, and a stadium seating multiplex cinema.

Living Essentials

Bakersfield is fortunate to have 4 major medical centers, one located within minutes from our community, and in addition two world class cancer centers. Our Fire and police departments are highly rated and very responsive. A new public safety center was recently built on Buena Vista Road, 2 minutes from The Greens. Bakersfield is also a center for a variety of health and wellness organizations, along with several specific disability services, and a variety of other senior resource centers.

Recreation and Outdoor Activities

Perhaps no area in California contains the size and scope of recreational opportunities as Kern County. Bakersfield alone has 72 city parks, including the amazing Hart Park along the Kern River and its adjacent world class soccer competition fields; the Park at RiverWalk, with its shops, lake, and outdoor concert amphitheatre; nine Regional parks, including Lake Isabella and the Buena Vista Aquatic Recreation Area, and 40 community parks outside of Bakersfield; seven State and National Parks and Forests, including Sequoia National Forest; the Kern River Parkway Bike Path which follows the Kern River for over 30 miles, providing one of the best biking venues (for both access and scenery) in California; and, the southern end of the mighty Sierra Nevada range provides unsurpassed proximity to hiking, camping, rock climbing, fishing, and rafting opportunities.

Entertainment and Attractions

Bakersfield takes a back seat to no one in its ability to attract both local and national talent to our great theater and sports venues. From Rabobank Theater (cap. 3,000), Rabobank Arena (cap. 10,200), to the restored Majestic Fox Theater (cap. 1,500), we have everyone from Elton John to Fleetwood Mac and Broadway musicals like Les Miserables and Mama Mia! But, probably our most famous “son of Bakersfield” was Buck Owens who created Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace, with world class country entertainment along with one of the most unique restaurants in America. Bakersfield is also home to a great symphony, several excellent community theaters, a ballet company, and a myriad of jazz, rock, and other country music venues. For sports fans, you’ll be excited to have the opportunity to see Division I sports at California State University Bakersfield, top JC action at perennial state champ contender, Bakersfield College, our NBA D-League Bakersfield Jam Basketball and Blaze Baseball A-League franchise and our Double A hockey franchise, the Bakersfield Condors.

Transportation and Travel

Because of its location in the southern San Joaquin Valley, Bakersfield is a major transportation hub. Two major freeways (I-5 and CA 99), Amtrak, and the newly William M Thomas Air Terminal, provide easy access to major population centers such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver and other airline hubs.

Our Community & Houses of Worship

Bakersfield is known for its numerous churches of various denominations and faith traditions. It’s part of our small town look and feel.

Local Weather